How to detect counterfeit golf clubs

Coca Cola, Philips, Toyota – these are some of random household brands we respect and love to buy from. They make products with customers in their minds and try their best to make products affordable for us. But some people take advantage of their good reputation and try to make money off it. They create fake products with their brand name attached on them. Same thing applies to golf industry – Just look at Golf Clubs on Craigslist and eBay and you’ll detect numerous fake golf clubs, sold as brand name golf clubs to fool the customers and sell them insanely overpriced crap.

Even though all golf clubs look pretty much the same, brands do very good job of differentiating their products from many other competitors and making sure no one is mislead by the design. Even though some features and design improvements might be similar, two different golf clubs are usually very distinguishable. That’s what happened with Callaway, when they introduced their all time favorite big bertha driver in nineties. Public loved them, and other golf gear making companies decided to take the same route and change their own designs to Callaway’s Big Bertha. I, personally think that this kind of copying is acceptable because it contributes to advancement in golf gear and competition among golf manufacturers drives the costs down.

Try to think of most trustworthy golf brands right now – You’ll probably come up with at least few. I myself, think of Callaway, Cobra, TaylorMade, Wilson and Ping. There are few other good golf brands out there, but let’s stick with these five. These five biggest brands are pretty similar to those household brands i mentioned above, but inside the golf enthusiasts and amateur golfers. Most people probably don’t know what TaylorMade is. What i am trying to say is, that these brands try to make the best golf clubs for women, beginnersand seniors, and they have been for years. While the fraudsters come out of nowhere and try to take advantage of the authority these companies have built over decades.

Even though it’s rarely the case, fake golf clubs might feel and look pretty similar to the originals, but their crappy quality won’t do you any favors in the long run. These cheap fake clubs are destined to fail after few years, and you’ll need to replace them anyway, so don’t have illusion that these golf clubs are as good as brands. Not only counterfeiting is illegal, it’s morally unacceptable as well. They rip off normal people who want to save on golf clubs, which is not nice.

As i said before, you might encounter illegal golf clubs online on eBay and Craigslist. Please report those product listings and try to warn your fellow golfers on communities and social networks about the fraud. Some golf club fakes are more often, while others are very rare and don’t exist at all. It’s always advisable to google around before buying any golf club off ebay or craigslist.