How to buy beginners golf clubs for cheap

Visiting golf clubs retail store is a dangerous thing for your personal wealth. These things cost a lot, and i personally want to buy them so bad, it’s hard to resist. So it’s always better to keep in mind what golf club you came in for, and buy that and nothing else, or you might end up spending your monthly budget on buying fancy golf clubs.┬áBut there is a choice for you, and that is choosing to buy used golf clubs.

used golf clubs cheapBuying used golf clubs

Saving money on golf clubs is good thing to do, especially if you are just starting out. Fact is, you don’t need to have best golf clubs as a beginner, you just need something to practice with. As the time goes by, and you keep consistently playing golf, your skills will get much better and then you should think about buying best irons for beginners. And if you time your schedule to buy new set of golf clubs during christmas sales, that’s even better. Callaway and other brands usually try to get rid of older golf clubs and offer really big discounts on new and used golf clubs for starters.

Lots of people still don’t trust online shopping websites and will advise you to buy golf gear in brick and mortar store. Don’t listen to those people, because i have been buying golf stuff from internet for years now, and i can assure you, none of the offline stores can even come close to eBay and Amazon prices, when it comes to golf clubs. eBay is especially good if you want to buy used golf clubs, while Amazon offers wide variety of newest golf clubs and other golf accessories.

Buying brand new, but old model of current golf club series is also a good way to save money. Newest golf clubs usually are very expensive, and sometimes their price will decrease by more than hundred percent, you just need to wait long enough.

Old fashioned golf retailers will probably have high price, but it’s still worth a visit to just check on the prices and compare with the prices online. Sometimes, they might have good used golf clubs on sale, or might be trying to get rid of inventory so will be offering really big discounts on them.

Another great way to get golf clubs for cheap or for free is to rent them from your golf course temporarily. Golf course might even give them to you for free, but only if you buy tee time and pay them membership fees. It’s still not a bad offer.

But golf clubs are not the only thing you need to buy. There are bunch of fancy accessories that you’ll eventually want to buy, so it’s advisable to keep your eye on saving websites like Groupon to find good golf deals.

And note that this posts depicts golf shopping environment in UK. I don’t know how things work in US golf world, but i doubt it’s much different.

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