Golf in Movies and TV Shows Vs Golf in Reality

As a most popular sport in USA, it’s not surprising to see golf portrayed in media as one of the ways for Americans to spend their spare time. What we don’t see though, is the actual process that goes into preparing and learning for golf. We usually see golf played by rich, which is also not true. Most golfers i know come from middle class families and don’t pay thousands of dollars on single golf club.

Last time i saw golf on media, i think it was on Entourage. The agent character was trying to convince movie studio owner to hire certain actor. That is actually quite certain, because i know for a fact that lots of deals are made on golf courses and playing golf well can really help in business and sales world. In the same TV show, entourage, we see famous celebrities hanging out together on golf courses and competing in tournament. That is pretty accurate as well. Thanks to my golf playing skills, over the years i’ve gotten to know lots of celebrities.

What’s not shown on TV shows and movies though, is the hard part of golf. Being beginner golfer, learning and failing. Failing and slowly improving your golf game. In my opinion, i think that buying golf gear, especially golf clubs is quite ugly process. Everyone recommends different clubs and trash talk what other people use. Everyone thinks their golf clubs are the best. Even if they aren’t, i would also think my clubs are the best, knowing that i paid thousands of dollars for it. For that particular reason, it was quite hard for me to pick the best product as a starter. I tried asking my friends, but as i mentioned above, they all said different things. Later on, i discovered a website called GolfClubsGuru which helped me find best beginner golf clubs set which i bought for surprisingly low price.

But it doesn’t end there. You need to take care of your golf clubs and keep them in good shape, unless you want your money going down the drain. But if you truly enjoy the sport, you’ll enjoy spending time for it as well. There is stereotype that regular people can’t afford to play golf, which is not true. Sure, some fees are quite high, but you don’t have to buy every golf gadget out there. You don’t have to rent golf cart for whole day, you can walk instead. It is healthier and more affordable solution.

My point is, that everyone loves watching tiger woods on TV and they underestimate how much work goes into perfecting golf skills. It takes lots of work, practice and huge talent to achieve what Tiger Woods has achieved. But if you’re not planning to be professional, golf can also be fantastic opportunity to hang out with friends with cold cans of beers and just enjoy spending time together. Indeed, some golf fees and gear is quite expensive, but that is sacrifice i am going to personally take.


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